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Tupperware in my Seoul

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In Seoul this week I arrange to stay for a few days with a local family. Since it was around Easter when I left London for Korea, I take them gifts of Lindt chocolate bunnies. Not the most practical thing to transport across the world in my suitcase via the baggage hold and bus transfers, but what better protection than a Tupperware FridgeSmart. The FridgeSmart also helps me bring back some unique Korean foodie souvenirs without crushing the packaging. Tupperware Oysters are handy too: one for my contact lenses, one for the little brushes that my dentist insists I use to clean in the gaps.

I don't get to see the Tupperware kimchi keeper I have often heard about, and which is unique to Tupperware Korea. It is used to store the ubiquitous pickled fermented cabbage that is so central to Korean life, it even has >its own museum in Seoul.

There is an unexpected Tupperware sighting too. At the closing night of the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul I saw a short film called Too Bitter To Love, by a Korean film maker who calls herself Gone. When a schoolgircl character reached for her lunch, I chuckled to see it was in a Tupperware Square Round.

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