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Tupperware Party Animal

Posted by Andrew Humphrey on

It's done. I have just emailed my first party order to Tupperware HQ in Leighton Buzzard. I am officially a Tupperware Man.

My dear friend Laura agreed to host my debut Tupperware party on Friday night at her home in Walthamstow. Three other guests came along, and two more sent their apologies and orders. This first party was longer and more leisurely than they will normally be -- all the guests were good friends of mine, so there was a lot of chat. They also gave me some feedback which will be really helpful for future parties: I have six lined up over the next month or so, with some very different groups of people.

I talked them through the latest products and the Tupperware story, and for the cooking demo I supervised the guests preparing a microwave Chocolate Almond Cake. Laura's normal oven has broken down, so she was keen to experiment with the microwave. We used the flexible Silicone Flower Form, which seems like it is made of rubber and which you don't grease at all. Everyone (including me) was intrigued by how it would work. I suppose I took a bit of a chance by not having a trial run with the recipe, but I used a Tupperware recommended recipe, and I also decided that if the products are as good as they appear, nothing could go wrong anyway. And of course, it all went right. You can see from these photo that despite Laura's initial concern, the cake popped out a treat, leaving barely a mark on the silicone.

Of the three guests, Julie was by her own admission the least interested in buying Tupperware. She is a ceramics and natural materials kind of a girl. But her enthusiasm for the large Silicone Spatula during the cooking demo was infectious, and after taking their turn mixing the cake batter, and seeing Julie's deft cracking of the eggs with its long, hard handle, all three guests bought one!

Laura's hostess reward was £34.50 to spend on Tupperware, and two half-price items.

And of all people, it was Julie who rang me on Saturday morning to book her own party in two weeks' time. She has been looking for a way to celebrate her birthday at home, and having had fun at my demo on Friday, she has decided to host her own Tupperware party. This calls for another cake recipe I think.

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