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I'm resting...

Posted by Andrew Humphrey on

It's me, taking a pre-lockdown pandemic coffee break with Roxy from Borrow My Dog at Big Bad Wolf coffee. We both have lockdown hair. Photo by @createdbycath from my personal Instagram @theandrewhumphrey.

I have decided to close my Tupperware business. My shop is still open but all product listings refer you over to my colleague Tracie's shop Tupperware on the Go.

You can also join my new Facebook group Tupperware Facebook Party UK where I am selling off my stock. Some other colleagues who cannot do in-person parties at the moment are also selling products in this new group. There's lots of "new old" stock, so do join and have a browse. All products are brand new and pristine, and all in stock and ready to dispatch immediately.


Customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland can order direct from my Dublin colleagues Clara and Katherina, the Tupperware Dolls. Click on their Facebook page here for all their contact details. If you contact them, tell them I sent you. They do regular Live demonstrations on their Page and I am often in the Chat there, so if you see me do say hello.

There is also a UK Google map you can use to contact your local Tupperware demonstrator in the UK.


Why have I stopped?

A few different reasons.

The end of the single European market on 1 January 2021 disrupted  Tupperware deliveries to the UK. The Tupperware distributor for the UK is in Dublin, Ireland, hence there are some logistical issues importing products into the UK. 

Some EU-based companies have given up delivering to the UK but the Tupperware distributors in Ireland are looking at different ways to continue supplying the UK. I have decided that, for me, the current logistics and costs of importing from Ireland post-Brexit mean I can no longer run my Tupperware business as I want to, so I planned an extended break.

But it's not just that, and after my break I decided to make it permanent. With the pandemic still in the mix, the normal pressures and priorities of life that we all have, and having been crazy busy with Tupperware for most of 2020 (people went mad for it during lockdown) I want to shift my priorities and recharge my batteries. 

Meanwhile the product listings in this shop are still live, but I have removed the "Add to Cart" button. Every product listing includes a link to my friend and colleague Tracie's shop Tupperware on the Go, where you can order.

For any future updates on my shop and business, click or tap "Newsletter: Sign up" at the bottom of this page or Like and Follow my Facebook Page.

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  • Sadly both my parents have recently passed away and I am now having to clear there house. Mum had a lot of Tupperware in the 70’s / 80’s which I will not use and I am interested as to whether it can be recycled … I don’t think anyone would want to reuse it unfortunately. If you could please advise I would be very grateful. Kind regards

    Clare Chapman on

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