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Breadsmart Junior

  • £3420
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This product is no longer available from individual demonstrators.

Looking for something bigger. There is also the Breadsmart II.

Available with the slate grey cover.

Decant your sliced loaf into here and keep it fresher for longer.  The thing about storing bread is that you can't win. Too open to the air, and your bread goes stale.  Too air-tight and it goes mouldy. The Toastsmart has a grid in the lid that allows just enough moisture to get out, and just enough air to get in. 

It also has a pleasing monochrome design, a divider inside which stops your bread falling over and makes space for buns or other baked goods, and little rubber feet that will not scratch your counter-top. 

  • Breadsmart: 31.8 x 15.7 x 15.5cm High