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Expressions Pie Stackable *ONE THIRD OFF*

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If you have a Collapsible Cake Taker, an older style High Cake and Cheese Server, or (Heavens above) even a non-Tupperware tall cake taker, you can use the Pie Stackable to create double-decker storage for two pies, two cakes, or two levels of cupcakes and other baked goods.

But the Pie Stackable is useful in its own right to prepare delicious cheesecake or bavarois. Put the Pie Stackable ring on the tray, fill with your preparation and store in fridge until set. When the cake is set and decorated, use best the Silicone Spatula for loosening the cake from the ring to avoid scratches.  Then pick the ring from the side and lift to un-mold the cake.

Consists of a ring and a tray.  Ring is snow white, tray is merlot

Ring: 28.4 cm x 6.7 cm high
Tray: 26.6 cm x 1.8cm high