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Christmas collection

Is it too soon?  Anyway, here's my Christmas collection.  

As well as everything in this collection, remember that many Tupperware products are an ideal Christmas gift:  bakers would love a classic mixing bowl or pastry sheet, and those who only ever use the microwave will adore a state-of-the-art dish for reheating!  There are lunchboxes, great children's toys, knives for your cheffy friends, and more.  Browse the whole site, but here are my picks for a very Tuppy Christmas. 

For guaranteed delivery to the UK and Western Europe by Christmas, I will need your order by Sunday 9 December latest. This is because of my ordering-in time. For other countries, the deadline is earlier: see your deadline on my page for non-UK customers.

After the deadline, I may still be able to get a delivery to you, but no promises -- and Londoners can always collect in person and wish me a Merry Christmas.