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Christmas collection

 Is it too soon?  

You can download your own copy of the special offers leaflet from

These are just the special Christmas products. Remember that many Tupperware products are an ideal Christmas gift:  bakers would love a classic mixing bowl or pastry sheet from my Baking collection, those who only ever use the microwave will adore a state-of-the-art dish for Microwave reheating, and everyone needs a permanently reusable water bottle.  There are also lunchboxes, knives for your cheffy friends, and more.  

For delivery to the UK by Christmas, these are your order deadlines:

  • UK: Sunday 15 December at midnight
  • Western Europe and USA: Sunday 8 December at midnight UK time
  • Everywhere else: Sunday 1 December at midnight UK time

After the deadline, I may still be able to get a delivery to you by Christmas, but no promises -- and Londoners can always collect in person and wish me a Merry Christmas.