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H24 Collapsible Cake Taker

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Very popular at my parties. It's a round cake taker, 30cm diameter and 13.5 cm high, with a black base. For Christmas 2019 I have it with a lovely deep red base, in a colour called Bordeaux.

With a twist you can increase the storage height to 20cm, which is enough to accommodate a very tall proud celebration cake or gateau.

Or with the optional Pie Stackable, you can create two levels in your cake taker.  And when you buy both, I give you 20% off.

The Pie Stackable is useful in its own right to prepare delicious cheesecake or bavarois. Put the Pie Stackable ring on the tray, fill with your preparation and store in fridge until set. When the cake is set and decorated, use best the Silicone Spatula for loosening the cake from the ring to avoid scratches.  Then pick the ring from the side and lift to un-mold the cake.

See the Cake Taker in action here, with a red base.  The second video shows the Cake Taker and Divider used together, demonstrated by my Egyptian colleague Mansoura!