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Tupperware Man UK - Crystalwave Reheatable 400ml

Crystalwave Reheatable 400ml vineyard and lime

  • £810

A stylish small 400ml microwave dish in vineyard (dark pink) with a lime green vent.  

Ideal for lunches, soups, leftovers. It has a seal to prevent splashes in the microwave, with a one-touch vent which you open when reheating, and which you can close again to keep food hot.  The stay-cool handles make sure you don't burn your acrylics.

  • 400ml: 19.2 x 16 x 4.75 cm

I have different sizes and shapes in the Crystalwave range.  

Crystalwave products are not designed for cooking at full power, but for reheating at a maximum 600W.  They are also not designed for use in the freezer.  If you are looking for a microwave container that can be used in the freezer, or which can be used for cooking at full power, check the MicroCook range.

Here's a demo video from Tupperware Mexico, in different colours: