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Cheese Smart Rectangle Low

  • £1710

It's a large low-slung half-height version of the C56 CheeSmart Rectangle. It is especially good for decanting pre-sliced cheese from the deli (or even from the packet -- I won't tell).

It is hard to find the right way to store cheese.  Fancy cheese shops will tell you to leave it loosely wrapped in the fridge.  Fine, but if it's a very strong cheese it will stink out the fridge.  But sealing it up in an airtight box is worse:  the cheese gets all sweaty and nasty.

The CheeSmart creates the perfect environment for your cheese.  It is inside the product to prevent smells and drying out, but it is breathing through the perforations on the top to keep it at its best.  For best results, unwrap the cheese.

Dark red tray, frosted clear cover.

Here's a demo video showing it in yellow, not red. Since this video was made, the product has been upgraded and the grid is now integrated into the product.