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Chef Series Pro Kitchen Knife set *12% OFF*

  • £12150
  • Save £2115

State of the art, and top of the range.

Buy all 3 and save 12%.

These super-sharp knives give even the most discerning home cooks more confidence in the kitchen. Modern and ergonomic, they're perfectly weighted for your safety and ease of use. Made from Japanese stainless steel.

  • Filleting Knife 32 cm
  • Bread Knife 34 cm
  • Carving Knife 34 cm

The Filleting Knife is ideal for fish fillets. Its narrow, flexible blade makes it easy to separate flesh from skin or bones. For this, put the blade as flat as possible between the skin and the flesh, or the flesh and the edge.

The Bread Knife is perfect for cutting bread, large pastries, cake and buns but it is also suitable for cutting large size thick-skinned fruits (watermelon, pineapple, melon, pumpkin) thanks to its very sharp serrated teeth.

The Carving Knife is very long, its blade is flexible and its tip 
sharp enough to cut all kinds of cooked meats (roast, leg of lamb, rib of beef, cooked ham ...) and large round fish like salmon and hake. 

The knives in the photo are slightly different -- they do not have the flash of red you see here.