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Tupperware Man UK - Expressions Rectangle Cake Server

A17 Expressions Rectangle Cake Server *20% OFF*

  • £1800
  • Save £405

Rectangle shaped cake taker for storing and serving a cake, but no carrying handle. 

KLAXON ALERT:  Base and cover only, no handle.  If you really need the carrying handle, I have them listed separately in yellow only, which matches the lilac cake taker technically, if not aesthetically.

The base is reversible, and can be used with a lip all the way around, or as a cutting platform.  I strongly advise you only cut the cake with a F55 Cake Cutter and Server, which won't cut up your base too.

Can also be flipped and used as a container with a lid, for cakes, scones or anything.  I actually use mine this way to marinade a chicken.

Tray area is 29.5cm x 12.5cm