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L97 UltraPro Rectangle Set

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Versatile and great-looking, the UltraPro range work in a conventional oven as well as the microwave.  With a steely dark grey colour, they look like iron pots but are food-grade plastic, and light as a feather.  They clean up superbly. 

This set consists of the bases for the UltraPro Lasagne 3.3L and the UltraPro Rectangle 5.7L (the biggest product in this range) and a cover that fits both. The cover can be used in its own right as a 1.2L shallow roasting dish. 

  • 5.7L base: 36.3 x 26.6 x 11.8cm
  • 3.3L base:  36.3 x 26.6 x 7.4cm
  • 1.2L cover: 36.3 x 26.6 x 3.9cm