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Some Amazon sellers charge hugely inflated prices for Tupperware products: sometimes double or triple the normal UK retail price, or even more.  If I see someone doing this, I offer the product for sale at the normal retail price, plus a supplement to cover Amazon's high fees.

If you are thinking of shopping in my Amazon shop, please note:

  • Everything in the Amazon shop is also here in my regular shop.
  • Any different sets or combinations are just individual products sold together, with no discount
  • The products are listed in the order I added them, which is not especially logical
  • I do not have any control over the product names or descriptions, which are sometimes very odd.  They are all set either by Amazon or by the person who first listed the product, not by me
  • Amazon sets the delivery fee, not me.  If you are buying something small, like Citrus Peelers, consider ordering it here in my online shop instead, where the delivery is £1.10, not the £4.59 that amazon imposes.
  • Again, everything in the amazon shop costs a little more than here in my regular shop, to cover Amazon's fees. 

If you are generally browsing amazon for Tupperware products, and you see a seller called "manofplastic", that's me.

A percentage of my Amazon sales helps fund Hold Fast Network, who produce a range of podcasts including Forward the Hamlet, Basement Tapes Radio and South London Hardcore.