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It's the Tupperware Man!

Hello there! My name is Andrew, and I am your Tupperware Man. I have been a Tupperware demonstrator since 2006. I am currently number 1 in the UK for personal sales, and my team the Androids is the top-selling team across the UK and Ireland. 

If you just want to buy the latest Tupperware products, just start shopping!

I thought Tupperware closed down in the UK....  Yes and no.  The Tupperware company closed down coroporate operations in the UK and Ireland in 2003, but they  nominated an importer-distributor based in Dublin to supply UK Tupperware consultants, including me. 

Do you still do parties?  Yes of course!  If you want some free and half-price Tupperware, and free delivery, you can host a Tupperware party.  I can also help you run a fundraiser party for your chosen charity or cause.  And I can bring a touch of Tupperware to any event, meeting or celebration.

Can I be a Tupperware lady? Yes indeed, or Man. You can join the Androids, my team of 21st century Tupperware consultants:  there is information in the section called Join my Team.  

I just need to replace a lost lid or spare part  Well, you are in luck. I can also supply spare parts and seals for all current Tupperware products, and for some older ones.  See the Seals and Spare Parts Collection in my shop.

What if I need a replacement under the lifetime guarantee? The Tupperware warranty in the UK is actually 10 years, although it was lifetime from 1989 to 2003.  Warranty claims are handled direct by the distributor, not by me. For more information choose 10 Year Guarantee on the menu. 

Can I order from outside the UK?   Yes, no problem.  I have customers all over the world.  More information in Outside the UK?