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My shop is temporarily closed until April 2021 and I am not booking fundraisers until then.

I can work with you or with a charity or organisation to help raise funds.  This could be something as simple as a Tupperware party where I give you a cash donation instead of the free and half-price rewards for hosting a classic Tupperware home party. I can also increase the donation by donating some Tupperware products for a big raffle, and of course registered charities can claim an extra 20% in Gift Aid on top of all that. Please contact me direct for more information.

For a bigger donation, I can also work with your organisation on a Fundraising Month.  I will donate 10% of my sales that month to your organisation, and in return I ask you to host a Tupperware fundraiser event, and publicise my business to your supporters and staff to increase the donation. I have recently had successful fundraising months for the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea and for the Blackfriars Settlement Older Peoples' Services.

I have also run fundraising Tupperware parties for Sutton Vineyard Church, Help for Heroes, the London Finnish Church (where, memorably, a Member of the Finnish parliament won the raffle), the London Vegan Potluck raising funds for Animal Aid, and more.

With the 10% of sales, raffle proceeds and Gift Aid, a fundraisers with 20+ guests can raise around £250, but the sky's the limit.

A fundraiser can take place online too.  I can give all your guests a special code to use when ordering, and we keep track of your party sales that way.


Events and talks

I can bring a touch of Tupperware magic to a birthday party, baby shower, hen party, or other celebration.  I can also do a more "performance" Tupperware party for an audience, an away day, a Vintage-themed event, etc.  If it is more of a talk, performance or presentation than a commercial event where I am selling Tupperware products, I may ask for you to cover my travel expenses.  

I am used to public speaking, and I regularly give entertaining illustrated presentations to Women's Institute meetings, design and marketing students, and others about the history and culture of Tupperware parties. Tupperware began in the USA in the late 1940's as an opportunity for women to gain entrepreneurial skills and extra income, outside of the regular workforce, and came to the UK in the early 1960s.  Tupperware is interesting for its brand, its unique parties where social meets commercial, and as an empowerer of women since the 1950s -- although there are interesting disputes about the latter issue. 

Many Tupperware products are now design classics, and I am often asked to take part in vintage-themed events, where I showcase can Tupperware designs of the 1950s to 1980s, many of which are still available. 

I also have a stock of original 1960s and 1970s Tupperware products, which are available for hire for photo shoots, or set dressing. 

I have run Tupperware parties, events, talks for a very broad range of organisations and venues in London, for example: