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We're talking about Tupperware parties, which have been going strong for over 65 years. Yes, the real Tupperware.

Whether you need a little extra cash or an entrepreneurial opportunity to build a lasting career, the party can take you there. Tupperware believes that when you follow your passion, you can find success, so we're proud to offer a very DIY business opportunity that you can make all your own.

Being a Tupperware consultant has provided generations of people, especially women, with income, independence, fun, freedom -- and some excellent kitchenware at a good discount.

You earn money by demonstrating quick, delicious recipes, and the Tupperware products that make it all so easy, at your hosts' homes. It's that simple. Hosts enjoy some much needed face time with friends (and also earn fab rewards).

You can start up as a Tupperware demonstrator with no upfront costs at all. If you host a "starter party" with sales of minimum £450 you earn the kit for free. 

You earn a good 30% commission on all your sales.

There is a particularly good opportunity for consultants who speak UK community languages, especially Russian, Lithuanian, Turkish, or Indian or Chinese languages, or for those who know the specific diaspora communities who have always been big Tupperware fans: Germans, Turkish, Lithuanians, South Africans, Zimbabweans, Malaysians. I guess everyone!

For more detailed information on how it all works, see this short leaflet I have prepared:

After you have read it, you can contact me anytime* with any further questions, or to discuss getting started. I am based in London, so if you are outside my area I am likely to refer you to a colleague nearer to you.

*If one of my existing team members has directed you to this information about joining my unit, do contact them again when you are ready to start and they will help you with the starter party or with buying the demonstration kit.

Option 1: Host a £450 "starter party" and get a free demonstration kit

Definitely the best way to start, because you can earn the starter demonstration kit absolutely free.  

At the starter party, you are the host and a local demonstrator will come and run your party for you. Usually it is at your own home, but any venue is fine. You will earn 30% of the sales in free Tupperware for your kit.

The starter kit gives you £135 worth of products, plus some party gifts, 10x catalogues and order forms, and a temporary carrying bag to get you started.  

As long as party sales are at least £450 you will earn the starter kit for free. And if sales are higher, you can add more products for your kit.  What's more, you will get a good idea of how to run a party, and the demonstrator will encourage some of your  guests to become your first few party hosts!

Option 2:  Buy a demonstration kit for £90

If you feel confident enough to do parties already, or if there is no local demonstrator who can do a starter party for you, you can buy a demonstration kit worth upfront for just £90, delivery included.

The kit includes £135 worth of products, plus some party gifts, 10x catalogues and order forms, and a temporary carrying bag to get you started. 


Adding to your demonstration kit

You will earn free samples of all new products and Special Offer products through incentives and activity rewards, based on your sales.

Of course you can add products whenever you like, using your 30% discount.

Your initial £900 sales will also get you extra branded materials for your parties:

  • £225 sales: Tupperware Notebook + 10 Tupperware Pens + Calculator
  • £450 sales: Tupperware Apron
  • £675 sales: Tuppeware Table Cloth
  • £900 sales: Tupperware Kit Bag

 Contact me to discuss and to arrange your starter party!