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Big orders + parties

While parties are on hiatus because of the coronavirus outbreak, I can treat any big order of £110+ as a party and give you the party rewards. This can be an order just for you, or you can collate orders from your guests and get paid in Tupperware!

So why not collate orders from friends and family and claim* all the party rewards for yourself?  Here's what I can give you.

The half-price products and Thank You gifts change every month. The products shown here are for big orders and parties in March and April 2020.

*If you don't claim your choice of rewards for your £110+ order, I will add some rewards for you of my own choice.


an extra 10% in free products of your choice.

So if you spend £150, I give you another £15 worth of products, of your choice. If you prefer a discount on what you have already ordered, I can do that too. Use the discount code ITSAPARTY at Checkout, and you will get the equivalent discount, which is 9%.


All the above, plus this month's Thank You gift

If your order is £202+ (after the 9% discount if you are using it) I will add this month's Thank You gift:



All the above, plus a half-price product of your choice


All the above, plus a second Thank You gift of your choice. Choose two of the lower level gifts or

Contact me before you place your £110+ order, and let's discuss your rewards! 

Why host a Tupperware party?  Same reason your mum and gran did: to get free Tupperware of course! 

A Tupperware home party is the original and best way to buy Tupperware products.  I can help you host your own classic home Tupperware party, just as people have done since Tupperware first arrived in the UK in 1960, when the first hostess was a Mrs Mila Pond in Weybridge. Explore your inner domestic goddess or desperate housewife, whatever your identified gender. 

There's no fee or deposit to host a party, and no minimum (or maximum) number of guests.  A good number is around 10-15, but I have done excellent parties for 3 and for 23. 

A Tupperware consultant will come to your home (or your workplace, or anywhere you like) and bring a display of Tupperware products, catalogues for everyone, and we can have an interactive food prep demonstration.  You supply the venue, the guests, and the refreshments.  You get to see and handle the products, and I will show you how they work.  It's a fun and relaxing way to shop while you catch up with friends, and perhaps make some new ones. 

The more sales at your party, the more rewards for you as host.  You can increase your sales by taking orders from people who cannot come to the party in person, or by combining your home party with an online party for people who cannot come in person. I can discuss with you how to maximise your rewards.

Your Tupperware home party can be as traditional or as quirky as you wish: I have done parties with everyone in fancy-dress, including me. It also doesn't have to be in your home: how about a lunchtime or after-work party at your workplace, or a party in the garden or the park? 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your diary, and Contact Me