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I am taking an extended break from my Tupperware business, and I am not recruiting new UK demonstrators. 

For further details on starting up as a UK demonstrator, please contact Andrea at or 07424275914. You can also contact the Tupperware Ireland/UK distributor direct using this form or at

Tupperware products have been going strong for over 65 years. Yes, the real Tupperware.

Being a Tupperware consultant has provided generations of people, especially women, with income, independence, fun, freedom -- and some excellent kitchenware at a good discount.

Whether you need a little extra cash or an opportunity to build a lasting career, Tupperware can take you there. Tupperware believes that when you follow your passion, you can find success, so we're proud to offer a very DIY business opportunity that you can make all your own.

You earn a good 30% commission on all your sales.

There is a particularly good opportunity for consultants who speak UK community languages, especially Russian, East European and Baltic languages, Turkish, or Indian or Chinese languages, or for those who know the specific diaspora communities who have always been big Tupperware fans: Germans, Turkish, Lithuanians, South Africans, Zimbabweans, Malaysians. I guess everyone!

In the UK Tupperware is not a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The emphasis is on retail sales, not on recruiting. There is no "upline" or  "downline". 

You can read a much more detailed Q&A about how it all works. There are some changes to how deliveries from the warehouse in Ireland are working, linked to the end of the single market on 1 January 2021. I will update this Q&A when the changes are clear:



Option 1:  Registration and standard demonstration kit (£100)

Even though there are no in-person parties or events right now, you can use your basic demonstration kit, plus any extra products you buy at your 30% discount, to do photos and videos for social media, or to even get your friends together for a Tupperware party by Zoom. 

The kit has lucky 13 medium-priced products from the current catalogue which are both popular and good for demonstrating. The retail value is £135, and you also get 5 catalogues, some gadgets and a temporary carrying bag.

Here is the standard demonstration kit.  Standard catalogue colours may change, and the warehouse may also sometimes need to substitute a product of an equivalent value.


Top row: Eco Bottle 500ml, Thin Orange Silicone Spatula, Crystalwave microwave soup mug, Kids Fun Eco bottle, Salad bowls (3), Butter Dish, Ventsmart 1.8 Small High

Bottom row: EZ Shaker 600ml, Sandwich Keeper, Freezer Mates small low and small high (just one of each), Cheesmart Square, Space Saver Oval 2

The £100 includes delivery, customs fees from Ireland to UK, party Gifts, 5 catalogues and a carrying bag

    You can order any extra products you wish to your kit order, with no additional delivery or customs fees.

    Option 2:  Registration (£26.50) and create your own demonstration kit

    Register for £26.50 and order any products you like at the standard 30% discount. No minimum or maximum value or number of products.

    The £26.50 fee covers registration as a demonstrator, delivery of your order, customs fees from Ireland to UK, and 5 catalogues.