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A28 Spinning Chef salad spinner *30% OFF*

  • £2970
  • Save £1210

Smaller and easier to keep in the fridge than its predecessor, the new Spinning Chef salad spinner consists of a chunky and attractive bowl, which doubles as a salad bowl, and a handy colander which you can also use in its own right.

Features include the spinner lid with a brake to stop over-spinning, a spout to pour water out without losing the salad into the sink, and a seal for storing the spun salad.

If you already have the Spinning Chef, you can add a Salad on the Go cover, to take your salad with you. It's a domed liquid-tight seal with an easy-open tab, 120ml dressing pot and serving tongs.

3.9L capacity, 23.1cm diameter x 18 cm high


Here it is in action: