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Straw Tumblers 330 ml (2)

  • £1305

Available again after a hiatus.

Not just for children.  I also spill my drink now and again... Not only does the seal stop any spills when you knock it over, but the silicone valve seals up when the straw is pulled out, to prevent drips.

You can use any size or thickness of straw with the tumblers. 

You get one in purple daisy and one in salmon.  Two sets plus a A31 Tip Top Pitcher 2L makes a great outdoor drinks set.  

After a fundraiser party that I ran a few years ago, they became a huge hit with parents of Downs children.  Children with Downs need extra support to develop clear speech, and often use a programme of drinking through straws of different thickness to develop mouth control and precision, and therefore to help with speech. 

Straw not included, but any can be used.

8.3 cm diameter x 11 cm high.

Lost a lid or base?  I have them!

Not fussed about a straw seal?  There is also a set of 2 without seals, at the bargain price of £4.25 while stocks last.

Here's my US colleague Susan Pittser showing your the product with its great dripless straw feature. The larger size she mentions is not available in the UK: