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Allegra White and Gold 2.25L square

Allegra is Tupperware's posh serving range.  Normally available in white with a blue shiny interior, I have these special ones with a matt snow white black outside and seal, and a shiny gold interior. 

See also the range in striking black and gold too.

Add a dramatic flourish to your table with Allegra.

I only have the 2.25L Square:

  • 2.25L square: 26.3cm x 26.3 cm x 7.23cm high

All others are now sold out.

  • 5L:  30.7 cm diameter x 13.2 cm high
  • 3.5L: 30.7 cm x 10 cm high
  • 1.5L: 24.5 cm x 7.75 cm high
  • 740ml: 19.2 diameter x 6.35cm high
  • Dessert cups (2): 15cm diameter x 6.4cm
  • 4 peas server: 41.4cm 14.4cm x 3.8cm high