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Space Saver Super Oval 4

  • £1895

The SuperOvals are not currently available, although spare seals are available, in blue only.  People often ask about this product, and like all older products they are liable to re-appear suddenly as a monthly special offer, so I keep them listed but "Sold Out".

They are like Ovals, but super.  They are 28cm long, while normal Ovals are 18.7 cm long.  They come with a plain red seal.

The idea is that they will go all the way to the back of your kitchen cupboards, not in two rows.  I suppose it can be annoying when stuff gets stuck behind your Ovals, and you need to haul them all out of the cupboard.

When they were last available, I could only get the Super Oval size 4 

  • Super Oval 4 (3.9L) with blue hinged seal: 23 x 9.5 x 28 cm