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L54 Crystalwave microwave Soup Mug 460 ml

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Perfect for microwave reheating of soup or a single portion of any food.  Also great for reheating a single portion of leftovers, small can of baked beans, custard for dessert, etc.

Special offer this month: buy a set of 2 (one red, one green) and get 20% off.

Redesigned vent pops up and down with one touch.  Air- and water-tight seal for safe transportation.  460ml, Caribbean blue. 11.9 cm diameter x 7.5 cm high

I have different sizes and shapes in the Crystalwave range.  

Crystalwave products are not designed for cooking at full power, but for reheating at a maximum 600W.  They are also not designed for use in the freezer.  If you are looking for a microwave container that can be used in the freezer, or which can be used for cooking at full power, check the MicroCook range.