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Tupperware Man UK - Crystalwave Jug 1L

Crystalwave Reheatable jug 1L

  • £1795

Stylish microwave container in Caribbean sea blue, ideal for reheating soup, sauces, any liquids. Great for microwave cooking of white sauces and custards.

It has a seal to prevent splashes in the microwave, with a flip-top to open easily and safely even with hot contents.  The one-touch vent which you open when reheating, and which you can close again to keep foot hot.  Easy carry handle too.

  • Dimensions to follow

I have different sizes and shapes in the Crystalwave range.  

Crystalwave products are not designed for cooking at full power, but for reheating at a maximum 600W.  They are also not designed for use in the freezer.  If you are looking for a microwave container that can be used in the freezer, or which can be used for cooking at full power, check the MicroCook range.