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Quick Chef III - Tupperware Man UK


  • £2890
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(If you are looking for a spare handle for the red model, it's in the Seals and Spare Parts collection)

A great asset in any kitchen for chopping and blending.  It's a hand-operated food processor, but so well designed that you need only a few turns for efficient and quick chopping.

Comes with three blades for efficient chopping of vegetables and other foods, a paddle for whipping batters and emulsions, and a funnel in case you get very cheffy and want to make something that requires slow release of oil, for example.

The Bowl holds 1.2L and although it doesn't come with a seal, a Classic Round X seal fits, and lets you store your chopped or prepped food in the fridge.

Bowl is 17.9cm diameter.

Here it is in action, in a different colour: