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EZ Mix N Store 2L or 1.25L

  • £2190

The next generation of an iconic Tupperware product, now available in 1.25L or 2L sizes.

While stocks last, I have the 1.25L size in a limited edition in red, with a spongecake recipe! 

The old style Mix N Store is no longer available, but I can supply spare part covers and seals.

A trusty old war horse of the Tupperware baking collection, but with a bit of an upgrade for our modern kitchens.  It has dry measures on one side, and liquid measures on the other, the Mix N Store is a great measuring jug, but oh so much more.  Wide enough for mixing, and with a seal for storing in the fridge.  The seal doubles as a splatter-guard for messy or flamboyant cooks. 

As you can see in this demo video, both the 1.25L and 2L sizes of the Mix N Store work as a team with the new E85 EZ Shaker and all the parts of the E63 Cooks Maid to create a fantastic and compact baking system.  

  • 2L: 16.3cm diameter. 23.7cm x 17.2cm x 15.5cm
  • 1.25L: 14.4cm diameter. 20.4cm x 13.4cm x 14.7cm