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That's a Bowl 1.4L, 2.75L, 4.5L, 7.5L

  • £1570

The 10L bowl is not currently available, but in November I can supply the lovely Legacy Bowl 10L instead.  

That's a Bowl. Silly name, but we are stuck with it.  Good big mixing bowls with a white seal. The integrated thumb-handle gives you more control when working with such a large bowl.  

The 1.4L and 2.75: sizes are limited editions.  Buy them both and add a Beater Stirrer for £4.50, which is less than half-price.

The 7.5L is the classic size for the Christmas cake, big punch bowl, etc. The 4.5L size works brilliantly with the E47 Multifunctional Colander (see photo).  The 14L size is crazy huge.

  • 1.4L:  17.6 cm diameter x 10.1cm high
  • 2.75L: 24 cm diameter x 15 cm high
  • 4.5L: 27 cm diameter x 13.5 cm high
  • 7.5L: 35.5cm diameter x 15 cm high

I can also supply spare seals for the larger bowls.

See most of them in action here (plus some other sizes which are not available at the moment)