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Slicer and Grater System *HALF PRICE*

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A versatile slicer and grater system, with a finger protector.  It comes in berry bliss blue.

The slicer has an adjustable blade for thick and think slices. There are two graters: one for star grating, and the other for julienne slices.  The finger protector means you saves any injury to your fingers and you don't waste any food.  

Use it in a large bowl or mandolin-style on a chopping board. The handle allows you to keep a good grip.

The slicing blade and insert provides two options as it is reversible;

  • A face for thick slices like potatoes and speedy stir fry vegetables.
  • Another face for thin slices for more delicate results, which can be used to prepare home made fresh potato chips or onions for salads and decorations.
  • The Slicer System is easy to hold, and even easier to use!


  • Fix the Reversible Slicer Insert for thick or thin slices as per your need and notice that there is a drawing on both faces showing you the result that you will obtain using that face ( either thick or thin slices)
  • There is another piece for making strips (Julienne), for Chinese food preparation or salads.. just place this blade at the same place.
  • Note that the finger protection should be used in all cases for safe.
  • All small parts can be kept together at the bottom of the blade for compact storage.


Frame dimensions are 26 cm x 13 cm.

Here it is in action for you. I don't have a proper demo video, but this is a French colleague showing how it works (in French).