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D23 Freezer Mates starter set (5 pieces) *20% OFF*

  • £2520
  • Save £720

Controversial!  After all these years, Tupperware has redesigned the freezer boxes!

This Starter Set gives you 2x 450ml size, 2x 1.1L size and 1x 1L. All three sizes are also available separately. To see all the sizes of Freezer Mates, browse my Freezing collection.

Available in two styles, with the solid colours 20% off the normal price.

Like the iconic Freezer Square Rounds which they have replaced, the Freezer Mates work so well because the  design facilitates maximum air flow in the freezer.  They also stay flexible at freezer temperatures. 

There are two slight improvements on the Freezer Square Rounds.  When you stack them, the recessed top and slightly concave base help with the air flow.  Plus, they also have a no-stain coating to prevent the age-old problem of staining from hot food with a high colour.

Watch the great demo video: