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H30 Table Collection Oval Serving Dish 4L *15% OFF*

  • £3600
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The return of a lovely old product, and a perfect substitute for the Insulated Multiserver.

It is very versatile:  use for straining, washing, rinsing, preparing and serving.

With out the colander insert, it becomes a serving dish with a cover, or flip it over and it becomes a serving platter with a domed cover.  The colander insert is divided for serving two different foods without mixing.

You can also use the product for preparing food:  put pasta in boiling water and leave for 15 mins.  It works.  You can poach fish or vegetables in here too. 

It's much bigger than it looks:  33.5cm long x 22 cm long x 11 cm high

This video from Tupperware India shows the half-size 2L version, but it gives you a good idea how this 4L version works: