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Hot Lunch Set *30% OFF*

  • £2250
  • Save £950

A great lockdown boxed lunch set in stylish black. Make the most of your cooking ahead with leftovers for lunch, and replenish your fluids.

You get a 1 litre size Hot Food on to Go (normally 1.5L) which comes with an integrated knife and fork. Perfect for hot lunches at work or college when all this is over. If you want to give it as a back-to-work gift, the box has a special space for a message.

You also get an Eco Bottle in the big 1L size. 

Both the Hot Food on the Go and the Eco Bottle 1L are available separately in different colours.

Use it at max 600W for reheating, not at full power.  The food's already cooked, you don't need to cook it again.

See the Hot Food on the Go (larger 1.5L size) in action in this French demo video.