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Insulated Server 2.5L + Insulated Sauciere *SAVE £5*

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Separate or together, and back for a limited time.

The double-insulation of having two bowls nestled together keeps dishes hot (or cold) for at least 90 minutes.

They are also microwave safe, if your microwave is big enough, but only guaranteed up to 500W for reheating. 

Both come in creamy white with dark vineyard red details. Other colours (including in the video) are shown for information only.

With the Server, the outer 3.1L bowl can be used on its own, and a seal is included.

The sauciere capacity is 400ml.

Both include a Serving Spoon which sits inside the bowl with the seal closed

Insulated Server:

  • Outer bowl 3.1L: 30 x 24 x 10.6 cm
  • Inner bowl 2.5L: 29 x 22.9 x10.3cm


  • 21 x 11cm high

    Here's a demo video although they are in a totally different colour, and in Latvian!