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L83 Silicone Cupcakes

  • £2565

Chocolate brown version of the Silicone Tuppcakes form.

Silicone baking forms need no greasing or lining, they can bake in a conventional or microwave oven, and they clean up very easily and efficiently. This new Silicone form is for cupcakes, and is called, what else, the Silicone Tupcakes.

It has 6 x 115ml capacity for making good sized cupcakes.  The whole product measures 29.8cm x 19.4cm  so you can easily fit two of them side by side in the oven.  Buy two!  

For the most authentic cupcakes, use paper cases. But they will bake just as well without.

Here's a general guide to using a silicone cupcake mold. Sadly the creator of the video does not allow embedding.

How about some melting-heart chocolate cupcakes?  Voila!