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Microwave Pasta Cooker

  • £1385

Cooks pasta for up to six people.  It might seem unusual at first to be cooking pasta in the microwave, but watch the demo video below. The Microwave Pasta Maker really saves on mess, faff, time and washing-up.  You can cook, drain and serve the pasta all from the same container.  And no need to stir wile cooking.

It's certainly handsome enough to sit on the table: purple cabbage, or ivory white with a chilli red lid (not the purple or blue colours shown in the photos and demo video below).

One word of warning:  it might be too big for the diddiest microwaves:   29.9cm x 15.4cm x 11.8cm high 

Use it at max 800W for cooking, not at full power.  For reheating previously cooked plain pasta, max 400W. The food's already cooked: you don't need to cook it again!