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E52 MandoChef mandoline

  • £10260

The MandoChef is a state of the art mandoline vegetable slicer. It comes with two V-shaped blades for safe and efficient slicing. The flat blade and a wave blade for slicing 8 different shapes. Includes a guider for safe slicing.

You can add a grater blade as an extra.  See the second video for demonstration of the extra blade.

See the demonstration videos below for full details.  

The MandoChef flexible cutting board is an optional extra.  The anti-skid base, features large and clear visual instructions on how to use the MandoChef with the V-shape flat and wave blade inserts. Waterproof, easy to clean and flexible: transfer food to a bowl, wok, colander or sauce pan by simply folding it into a funnel shape. 40cm x 30cm.