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L03 Micro Pressure Cooker

  • £13775

A new, unique and revolutionary product, it's a pressure cooker designed specifically for the microwave.  Food is cooked in the time-honoured manner of a normal pressure cooker, using pressurised steam but harnessing the power and convenience of the microwave.

Cook stews, pot roasts and other great one-pot meals in half an hour.  Flavours, textures and nutritional value are maintained.

Pressure cooking has so many advantages:

  • no need to stop or mix during cooking
  • it preserves and enhances the flavour of the food
  • any oil is only added to the dish after cooking for the most health benefits
  • ensures even cooking of food because it is airtight
  • reduces the cooking time by one third, compared with traditional methods
  • food retains hear for a longer time
  • fewer steps from prep to plate, avoiding using many products
  • high safety standard

See the full demonstration video, and a recipe demonstration.