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M11 Microfibre Multipurpose kitchen towels (2)

  • £1620

A pair of towels:  one is aqua blue, the other mango orange.

Use it dry for efficient dusting of any surface.  It has a natural static charge which picks up dust like a magnet.

Use it wet without any chemicals for cleaning the oven, microwave, stove top and counter top.

Cleans wet and dry without streaking or leaving residue. The composition of the fabric means it can easily scrub, absorb and polish. And all at the same time!  This cloth can be used for almost anything, from the kitchen to the bathroom. It helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

80% polyester, 20% polyamide.

30 cm x 30 cm

See it demonstrated in this video from 4'19" after a general demonstration of how to use Microfibre towels.

There are 7 different Microfibre cloths.  See them all in my Cleaning collection.