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Project K 5-in-1 Universal Peeler

  • £855

A new generation of the popular Universal Peeler, with 5 amazing features in one versatile tool, which helps cut back on kitchen prep time overall.

  • The universal blade has two sides, so use the straight blade for hard fruits and vegetables like mangoes and potatoes, even real tough ones like pumpkins and squashes.

  • The blade also has a serrated side to gently peel softer produce like tomatoes and kiwis..

  • The citrus peeler/cutter does the hard work so your nails stay clean and sticky-free.

  • Potato eye remover makes it super fast to fully prep your potatoes.

  • The integrated herb stripper fits three sizes of fresh herbs.

What’s more, the peeler is specially-designed to fit left- and right-handed cooks, adding big value to even the smallest tasks and tools.