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Sandwich Keeper SANTORO®’s Gorjuss™

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Tupperware has a special arrangement with SANTORO® to produce these lovely Sandwich Boxes based on their Gorjuss™ character. 

The Sandwich Keeper is beautifully designed. There is no seal to store (or lose), because it is attached, which is a blessing. The Sandwich Keeper's compactness, slim with the rounded edges, is very pleasing on the eye and in the hand. It is a minor feat of engineering too, with what Tupperware grandly calls a "living hinge", all moulded from one piece of plastic. There are no separate pieces to fall apart, get lost, or harbour crumbs or germs. The clasp is also integral, and will not pop open when carried. 14.5 x 14.5 x 5 cm high. 

Only available in blue. The maroon is now sold out.