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Signature Line 4L

Signature Line 4L

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Fantastic roomy containers, great for food and non-food uses.  Hold a good big bag of pasta or porridge, lots of individually wrapped bags of crisps or chocolate biscuits.  The top clicks air-tight for safe cupboard storage of any dry goods.

Black with clear top with cupcake logo.  

Lots of people use these for general non-food storage too.  Great for kids' pens and art supplies, bathroom supplies, anything really.

  • Size 3: 4L 20cm x 20 cm x 20 cm high.  

Other sizes are now sold out:

  • Size 1: 1.2L   20cm x 20 cm x 13cm high.  
  • Size 2: 2.6L 20cm x 20 cm x 17 cm high. 
  • Size 4: 5.5L 20cm x 20cm x 24.5cm high.