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Tupperware Man UK - Student Kitchen starter set

Student Kitchen starter set *10% OFF*

  • £14930
  • Save £1660

Here's a fantastic set of 8 products for anyone who is equipping their kitchen and needs to hit the ground running. I say students, but anyone moving to their own place for the first time will love this.

You get two major pieces of kit: the MicroCook Pitcher 1L which is my own favourite and most-used product in my own kitchen for cooking and reheating, and the Herb Chopper which isn't really for chopping herbs but chops anything including onions, nuts, garlic, etc. etc.

You also get an EZ Shaker 350ml and a Micro Delight Omelette Maker for a quick health breakfast omelette, plus 

I will throw in a bag to pack it all in too.