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Table Collection Dish 2L or 1.3L

  • £2605

A set of 2 Table Collection bowls (3.5L and 2.1L) and a 2L dish is also available at 25% off, with tropical water green seals.

Very nice clear platter with a frosted base and rigid black seal.  

  • 2.0L: 30.8 cm x 5.5 cm
  • 1.3L: 26.2 cm x 5 cm

Suitable for serving hot foods, however do not use in the microwave oven or conventional oven.  Hot foods must be cooled to room temperature before applying the Seal.

Suitable for use in the fridge.

Dishwasher safe however Tupperware recommends hand washing and drying with a soft cloth to protect the glass-like finish.

I also have three sizes of the matching Table Collection Bowls.