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That's a Bowl 4.5L + Silicone Spatula *40% OFF*

  • £2025
  • Save £1305

That's a Bowl. Silly name, but we are stuck with it.  Good big mixing bowls with a white seal. The integrated thumb-handle gives you more control when working with such a large bowl.  

Also available in 2.75L, 7.5L and 10L sizes.

This 4.5L size is currently only available as a set with a Silicone Spatula, with a very nice 40% discount when you buy the set.

  • 4.5L: 27 cm diameter x 13.5 cm high  

I can also supply spare seals for the larger bowls.

See most of the Thatsa or That’s a Bowl range in action here (plus some other sizes which are not available at the moment).