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Tupperware Man UK - Travel Shampoo Bottles (2)

Travel Shampoo Bottles 90ml (2)

  • £625

For weekend trips or longer holidays, it's nice to have your own familiar shampoo, cosmetics and gels. If you are like me, it's also very nice to get the free stuff at a hotel.  Either way, this stylish and sleek pair of travel shampoo bottles will be really handy.

They are a slim flattened shape for easy carrying in your luggage, and the clip top will not leak.  90ml capacity is generous enough for many uses, and is exactly the maximum allowance for liquids and gels allowed in your hand luggage on a flight.  Handy!

The cap features a pull/push movement to dispense the contents, with a squeeze of the flexible material. The cap comes off with a twist for easy refilling.

Being Tupperware, these squeezable bottles are extremely durable.

Semi transparent bottle to help to distinguish your shampoo from your lotion.

11.5 cm x 5.5 cm.