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Warmie Tup insulated server set 2.25L *ONE THIRD OFF*

  • £4095
  • Save £1935

I can only apologise for the daft name...

The Warmie Tups are Tupperware's new generation of insulated servers.  A sturdy food server with a double wall and insulated lid.  Keeps food hot for up to 90 minutes. The inner bowl is microwave safe, and the top has a chunky handle for easy access and which can be propped open.  For full details and a demo, see the video.

In this set, you get 2x 2.25L servers, one with a colander insert and one with a plain insert. You can also order them individually, but it's not such a big discount: around 15%.

I have spare parts for both previous versions of the Multiserver.

2.25L: 28.3 cm x 24.5 cm x 13.9 cm. 

The 3.25L size, the separate Colander and the Serving Spoon are not currently available.