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Wine Tools Gift Set

It's a classic Tupperware Healthy Snack Box in black, with three fabulous wine tools inside.

You get a Tupperware Corkscrew, which is also available on its own in red, plus the foil cutter and the wine pourer.

I was sceptical about the pourer. How hard can it be to avoid drips and splashes when pouring wine? Well, it is. This wine pourer controls the level flow of wine while avoiding drips and drops that can mess up your tablecloth and even your clothes. But more importantly, the shape of the spout allows for better aeration of the wine when pouring. To use, simply place the Pourer on the top of an opened bottle of wine and pour.

See the corkscrew, foil cutter and wine pourer demonstrated here. The set I have doesn't include the pump and stopper. Who needs 'em!